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But often times, real life circumstances can make bankruptcy a necessity. If you want help to gain control over your financial uncertainty, our firm is ready and able to give you the understanding and peace of mind you are looking for.


The associates at Todd Esser Law Offices has been practicing Bankruptcy Law in metro-Milwaukee since 1982. We are one of Southeastern Wisconsin’s leading Law firms specializing in Bankruptcy, Debt Restructuring, Home Foreclosures, and Garnishment.
You Can Be Debt Free.

The associates at Todd Esser Law Offices has been practicing Bankruptcy Law in metro-Milwaukee since 1982.
Todd Esser and Associates – Milwaukee Bankruptcy Attorneys

G.B. in Milwaukee

“Todd Esser has helped my family through a very difficult financial time. We lost our business; we lost our savings, and were in danger of losing our cars and our home. The team at Todd Esser and Associates worked hard to give us all of our options. We will never forget what you have done for us!” ……

D in Milwaukee

“Todd and his staff made the filling of my Bankruptcy easy to understand. He is very trust worthy and I recommend him VERY highly to all my friends and family when they ask if I know anyone that can help them get though a hard time……. Todd is a stand up guy with a staff that really cares about our family and the crisis that we faced. Todd Esser and Associates is like having a lawyer in the family because of how hard they all worked for us.”……

C in Brookfield

“I have worked with Todd Esser and Associates since 2009. From the moment I entered his office, I found him to be knowledgeable, compassionate and trustworthy. People can find themselves in circumstances they have no control over. Life happens to good people. I have found their team to be professional, non-judgemental and efficient. At this time in our society it is difficult to trust others. But, this is not the case with Todd Esser and Associates. They will accomplish your goal.”……

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